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Plasma Rico en Plaquetas | The best non-surgical procedure that is used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and general skin rejuvenation.

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Platelet Rich Facial Plasma (PRP) | Plasma Rico en Plaquetas

The Platelet Rich Plasma facelift, commonly known as “facial plasma” or the “vampire facelift“, is a procedure in which a doctor injected PRP substance, which contains parts of the patients own blood, into areas of the patient’s face. This technique is famous and proven to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and give the patient’s skin a fuller and younger appearance.

 In addition to this, we use a micro-needling device called the Dermapen which punctures the skin and pushes the Facial Plasma substance deep into the skin.  The pen consists of 11 small needles that move up and down gliding over the desired facial area.


TERESA MORENOAdult Registered Nurse Practitioner | ARNP: 9243110
With over hundreds of hours under her belt. Teresa Moreno has proven to be one of Miami’s elite PRP, Facial Plasma professionals.

Behind The Facial Plasma PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma substance activates the stem cells that is found on our skin. The cells lie dormant and are activated by the facial plasma which contain growth factors. Moreover, when those cells grow they create a new, younger appearance on your skin. With the Vampire Facelift, Facial Plasma you can now rejuvenate your skin with a proven safe procedure.

The Platelet Rich Plasma | Facial Plasma | Vampire Facelift Procedure

1. Collect Blood from Patient – About 3-4 vials of blood is drawn from the patient. 2. Separation of the Platelets – A centrifuge is used to separate plasma and platelets from the blood cells. 3. Withdraw Platelet Rich Plasma – Extraction of the Platelet Rich Plasma. Those blood platelets are used to fill out wrinkles to provide a more younger looking appearance. 4. Numbing of the Face – We use a topical medication cream to reduce any pain from needling. 5. Application – After numbing the face with the topical medication we begin the process of the Facial Plasma procedure. Moreover, spreading the Platelet Rich Plasma on the face. Furthermore, the Dermapen is then used to push the PRP substance into the patients skin. 6. Applying Plasma Rich Platelet with Dermapen and Injections – The Dermapen is used to push the PRP into the Dermal on the patients face. The remaining Platelet Rich Plasma can be injected into other areas that need improvement such as improving acne scars & increasing volume.

Benefits Facial Plasma | PRP

Almost every patient that follows the facial plasma treatment over a period of a few weeks see immediate results. Moreover, their wrinkles begin to disappear and a younger appearance is seen. Results are usually almost instant. Patients develop a younger looking skin color due to the new blood vessels that are formed in the process. In addition to this, the PRP procedure stimulates collagen production over time in the Dermis.

How about the PRP healing process?

Since the “vampire facelift” is a non-invasive procedure that involves a combination of the Dermapen and injections, recover time is very short. It does not develop any scar due to the procedure only requiring needles. However, you may see redness on the skin which goes away within a few hours.

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Plasma Rico en Plaquetas | The best non-surgical procedure that is used to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and general skin rejuvenation.